Best Quality Sliding Gate Wheels India

Best Quality Sliding Gate Wheels India

If you are looking for best quality sliding gate wheels India then choose Mittal Hardware Store where you get all the accessories of Sliding Gate Wheels at very affordable rates than in the market.

Types of sliding gate:
U-groove wheel
V – groove wheel
• ET sliding Gate wheel
• Soft sliding Gate wheel
• 2 inch bracket Gate wheel’

Sliding gate wheels are integral features of your outdoor hardware, and at Barrier Components. Mittal Hardware sells this product in different sizes. The entire range of sliding gate wheels are galvanized and sold with sealed for life bearings, guaranteeing their durability and performance over a sustained period dof time. These products also come equipped with various types of internal support brackets, including U and V-Shaped grooves alongside ½ round grooves.

Advantage of sliding gate:

  • Little Space required: with sliding gates, a little space is required in front and behind the door.
  • No Damage to Bottom of Gate: because of the sliding doors are situated on wheels, you won’t have the issue of gates getting harmed by either crashing into the ground, or objects that are on the ground. This will diminish the chances of harm happens and repairs.
  • Steep Slopes: if you have a lofty garage then a sliding gates is a perfect arrangement since it won’t have to move against the precarious inclination.

Gate Wheels for Sliding Gate comes with different load carrying capacity and diameters that is:
• 75 mm
• 100 mm
• 200mm
• 150mm

 Sliding gate wheels will enhance the appearance of your gate. It also covers less space as compared to an ordinary gate.

Buy best sliding gate wheels India from Mittal Hardware Store at the following address:-

SCO-26, Industrial Area, Phase 2, Chandigarh-160002

Or you can also call to Mittal Hardware store at the following contact numbers below:

Call at: 0172- 2650211, 2655802, 09417063797

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                    Best Quality Sliding Gate Wheels India

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