Curtain Rods & Accessories In Chandigarh

Curtain rods in Chandigarh

The versatile choice of adorning your room is often the utilization of curtains. It’s a vital fixture of a house that may transform the planning and feel of each room. To decorate up your room together with curtains, curtain rods are musts. It serves the aim of suspending the curtain, above a window, door and wherever curtain has got to be used. The general public chooses curtain rods as an ornamental element. Curtain rods in Chandigarh are found in numerous shapes and colours.

Selection depends on many factors like the type, size, and weight of the curtain that you simply prefer. Once it’s selected, next is the placement of the curtain rod. It plays a major role in changing the planning of the space. To provide a conventional look to the space, letting the curtains partially cover the window, use rods that reach 2-3 inches beyond the frame. Curtain rods in Chandigarh that stretch 10-15 inches beyond the frame helps the window look wider because it reveals the complete window. For a customary look hangs the rod 6 inches above the frame. We must always always measure the width of the window or door to work out the length of the curtain rods.

Curtain rods in Chandigarh must always extend beyond the width of your window and this may help curtains to be pulled back. Curtain rods are great alternatives for blinds. To form the window look long, hang the curtain higher. The material should fall to the ground unless we are using cafe-style curtains. A straight rod isn’t the sole style available. Curtain rods in Chandigarh have many options to decide on from. It’s found in several styles. Wood, metal, and plastic are the materials usually used to make curtain rods. With numerous choices to pick out from, it’s important to decide on the proper one. Following are the categories of curtain rods and accessories related.

Types of Curtain rods in Chandigarh

Extendable curtain rods

As the name says it will be extended and may be made bigger in keeping with the dimensions of the window. It goes well with all quiet curtains. The identical curtain rods are often used at two different windows because it goes well with windows of any size. If you have got a practice of fixing the curtains frequently this can be the most effective choice. This can be an excellent option and could be a commonly used type. It’s durable, thus you may not replace it often. It’ll not slip or break when subjected to an important load. Durability and strength are two great advantages of extendable rods.

Wooden curtain rods

It is being employed by people all round the world for an extended time, because it helps to feature character to your home and make your room stylish. Use of wooden curtain rods gives a brand new look to the space. It’s found in numerous styles and styles. It’s easy to search out the one that fits your personal choice and also the overall layout of your home. You do not have much trouble getting the rods in situ because the wooden curtain rods are very easy to put in. a number of the wooden rods provides a distinctive Victorian character to the space. If you wish to administer an old world look to your room, use wooden curtain rods in Chandigarh. It’s an Eco-friendly product thanks to the biodegradable character. If you’re an environmentalist you’ll be able to prefer using wooden rods and may avoid iron rods. Once it’s disposed of it’ll decay soon. Wooden rods support heavy curtains better because they’re not hollow. it’s great for giant windows.

Motorized curtains

Motorized curtain rods help to redefine the design statement of your home with motorized curtains. It’s the newest innovation for better window treatments.

Curtain accessories in Chandigarh

Curtain holdback, hoop, wall brackets, add-on rod, double bracket then on are a number of the curtain accessories which is as important as a curtain rod. A window treatment is incomplete without these accessories and curtain rods are often affixed with this. Prices and quality of every of these vary from product to product. Accessories needed for every window varies greatly in keeping with the window size, type and weight of the curtain. It gives a chic look to the area.

Window holdbacks

Window holdback helps to tuck away the curtains giving a clean and easy look. It’s usually mounted on the wall or framing. Holdbacks serve two functions at the identical time as an ornamental element and as some way to tug back the curtain during daytime letting the sunshine inside. It’s made in several size, and shapes.

Metal and wooden holdback are the two important types. Metal wait and see is sometimes shaped like leaves or very pretty show pieces whereas wooden holdbacks are found within the shape of hand-carved knots or painted animals. Holdbacks and tiebacks aren’t the same. The biggest difference is that holdbacks are made from metal or strong materials where tiebacks are fabricated from soft and versatile material.

Curtain rings

This is used together with curtain rods to permit easy installation of your curtains. It helps in closing and opening the curtains. It’s designed to carry the curtain in situ and might be used with all kinds of curtains. Very importantly eyelet curtains are very easy to hold with curtain rings. it’s attached to the material at the highest and goes over the rod.

Curtain bracket

It is a crucial curtain hardware wont to fix curtain rods to the wall. The bulk of the curtain hardware’s needs the support of this to mend the things on the wall or ceiling. Brackets are widely found in numerous shapes.

Take a glance at the endless collection of curtain rods and curtain accessories in Chandigarh we’ve and choose the proper one that suits your needs. Visit Mittal Hardware Store and provide your curtain a replacement trendy look.

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