Fancy Hardware Store In Chandigarh

fancy hardware stores in Chandigarh

Opening a hardware store is one of the most favourable opportunities for every individual out there. With a single hardware store, you can earn plenty of money and secure a promising future for yourself and your family. However, if you wish to be successful in working with a hardware store, you are required to keep each and every item that is in great demand by your customers in good quantities.

As it goes for MH Direct, one of the most reputed fancy hardware stores in Chandigarh, adequate stock and quantity of items has been a significant growth factor for us. We have never let our customers return to their homes with an empty hand, thus keeping a stronghold in the market.

Once you visit our store, you will find a huge array of hardware items that almost every individual needs in his/her everyday life. To make things even more precise, we have rounded up a list of items you can get any time you visit our store.

List of hardware items


Locks are one of the most crucial hardware items for every individual. These are used to keep your belongings as well as your homes safe from criminally minded people.


Tools are helpful hardware items and can be used for a variety of purposes. Be it fixing your home appliances, cars, gadgets, or any other products; tools can prove to be of great worth.

Electrical supplies

Electrical supplies have become a necessity for every household and workplace. Without installing favourable electrical supplies at your places like fuses, switches, extensions, multi pins, and many more, you can face challenges in coping with your everyday activities. 

Door handles

Door handles are used for enhancing the appearance of every household along with the doors. You can find the latest design door handles at our store and provide your doors with a glary look. 

Gardening tools

Many people have an interest in keeping a beautiful lawn or garden at their residence. However, to keep it attractive in the long run, you might require some gardening tools and shape them after fixed intervals. 

Nuts and bolts

Whenever your house is under construction, or you get something added on in it, you will always need nuts and bolts to make proper fixings, and you can always get these products in every size from our hardware store.

End Thoughts

Hardware stores are places where you can get each and every item for home life and other day-to-day activities. However, not every hardware store can provide you with the quality of these products as MH Direct. So anytime you are in need of an item for your home, make sure that MH Direct is your very first destination. 

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