Smart Choices, Smart Prices: Sliding Gate Accessories Deals in Chandigarh

sliding gate accessories at the best price in chandigarh

Installing a sliding gate brings style, security and convenience to your property. But adding the right accessories takes it to the next level of functionality. The good news is Chandigarh offers sliding gate accessories at the best price in chandigarh to enhance your gate without breaking the bank. This blog covers the must-have add-ons for your sliding gate and where to find the best deals.

Essential Sliding Gate Accessories

Functional and safety accessories that are must-haves for your sliding gate include:

  • Gate Rollers – Ensure smooth and noiseless gate movement along the track. Choose sealed bearings and anti-rust rollers.
  • Gate Locks – Keyed locks and latches keep the gate firmly shut and secure. Go for durable solid brass or stainless steel locks.
  • Gate Stopper – The stopper arrests movement of the closed gate. Opt for a rubber stopper for noise dampening.
  • Safety Features – Photo cells or infrared sensors that automatically reverse gate on sensing obstacles prevent accidents.
  • Warning Signage – Essential for safety, especially if gate fronts a road.
  • Remote Controls – For convenient and quick access, add remote controls that work up to 60 m range.

Budget-Friendly without Compromising Quality

When choosing sliding gate accessories, balance cost and quality:

  • Rollers – Go for nylon rollers over cheap plastic ones for better durability. But avoid overpriced branded rollers.
  • Locks – Opt for good quality brass or stainless steel locks over cheaper zinc variants.
  • Remote Control – Basic 1 or 2 button controllers work fine for most homes. More buttons add cost without added benefit.
  • Photo Cells – Generic cells work reliably for obstacle sensing compared to highly priced brand name cells.

Shopping smartly allows you to accessorize your sliding gate fully without blowing your budget.

Care Tips to Increase Accessory Lifespan

Simple maintenance goes a long way in making gate accessories last longer:

  • Keep rollers lubricated and clean for smooth movement
  • Check gate balance, keeping it aligned without sagging
  • Inspect safety sensors and remote controls periodically replacing batteries when required
  • Shelter locks from direct rain exposure by applying water sealant sprays

best hardware store in chandigarh offers plenty of options for smartly accessorizing your sliding gate while staying kind to your wallet. Add functionality and flair without breaking the bank by choosing the must-have  sliding gate accessories at the best price in chandigarh from trusted hardware stores in the city. Safety and convenience made stylishly affordable!

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