Best sliding gate wheels suppliers Chandigarh

Best sliding gate wheels suppliers Chandigarh

A sliding gate is a great choice when the swing is not an option. The sliding gate use sliding ager rollers or wheels that run along the ground or along the fence. There are various suppliers of sliding gate wheels in Chandigarh. But Mittal Hardware Store is the best sliding gate wheels suppliers Chandigarh.

Mittal Hardware store is hardware tools professional. There are many, many products out there that are just not up to standards. This store strives to bring the absolute best sliding gate wheels to their customers in Chandigarh.

This hardware store use sliding gate wheels in the field on large commercial doors and all residential doors. They offer many different sliding gate options like:-

  • Sliding gate wheels are available in different sizes 2”, 2.5″, 3″, 4″.
  • Available with plating or without plating.
  • Available with bearings, double bearings.
  • Different types of grooves are available like V groove gate wheels, U groove gate wheels.
  • Available with bracket also without brackets.
  • Heavy duty Wheels with Rocker.
  • Height adjustable wheels with support.

The sliding gate wheels come in various sizes: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm. All our sliding gate wheel kit products are made of high-quality steels and they engineered for easy installation and silent operation. The slide gate wheel kit includes PVC guides, wheels, and bearing. The sliding wheels and tracks could either be one with a groove for which the wheels connected to slide within.

Mittal hardware store offer sliding gate wheels in following packs (individually with a flat shipping rate in entire Chandigarh city):-

  • 10 PACKS
  • 12 PACKS
  • 100 PACKS

Come on in today and visit Mittal Hardware Store to buy sliding gate wheels at affordable prices at the following address:-

Plot No. 437, Industrial Area, Phase 2,


Or you can contact at -+919888382376

Best sliding gate wheels suppliers Chandigarh


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