Sliding gate wheels price Chandigarh

sliding gate accessories at the best price in India

Among the different gate types today, sliding gates are perhaps one of the most convenient and most stylish which is chosen most in Chandigarh.  Sliding gate wheels price Chandigarh varies according to the location. Mittal Hardware store provides you the best price for sliding gate wheels in Chandigarh.

Mittal hardware store has made a strong market and it is the best hardware store Chandigarh. This store has drastically emerged as the leading trader of hardware products in Chandigarh. This store provides a various range of sliding gate wheels. A wide range of sliding gate wheels with good corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy, and durability. Manufactured by skilled and experienced professionals to comply international standard.

The sliding gate wheels come in various sizes: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm. All our sliding gate wheel kit products are made of high-quality steels and they engineered for easy installation and silent operation. The slide gate wheel kit includes PVC guides, wheels, and bearing.

Sliding gate wheels variations we supply:

  • Sliding gate wheels are available in different sizes 2”, 2.5″, 3″, 4″.
  • Available with plating or without plating.
  • Available with bearings, double bearings.
  • Different types of grooves are available like V groove gate wheels, U groove gate wheels.
  • Available with bracket also without brackets.

The main feature of the sliding gate wheels is that they move along some form of a track. The sliding wheels and tracks could either be one with a groove for which the wheels connected to slide within. The Endeavour of this store is to deliver quality oriented sliding gate wheels at reasonable prices in entire Chandigarh city.

Come on in today and visit Mittal Hardware Store to buy sliding gate wheels at affordable prices at the following address:-

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Or you can contact at -+919888382376

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Sliding gate wheels price Chandigarh


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