Castor Wheels Chandigarh

Castor Wheels Chandigarh

A castor is a wheeled gadget ordinarily mounted to a bigger object that empowers easily rolling movement of object. Casters are found virtually everywhere, from office desk chairs to shipyards, from hospital beds to automotive factories. Mittal Hardware Store is one of the leading suppliers of Castor Wheels Chandigarh.

Mittal Hardware Store offers you a desirable assortment of Industrial castor wheels and accessories like Castor Wheels. Our wide range of Castor Wheels and their specification and sizes meet the exact demand of every client.

Mittal Hardware Store always uses high quality raw materials for manufacturing of top class Caster Wheels. It deal with all kind of hand tools, cutting tools, precision measuring instruments, valves, pipe fittings, bearings  and any other types of tools required for the development of the industry.

We offer Caster Wheels that are designed to carry heavy and impact loads. We manufacture Caster Wheels depending upon the area of application. The brace and the plate of our Caster Wheels are produced using 6mm and 8mm high grade steel respectively. The inside bolt is fashioned from EN-8 steel and is strongly welded, bolted and secured to absorb shock loading.

Our Caster Wheels offer smooth and dependable movement of the swivel head that is achieved by the use of taper roller thrust ball bearing, which can be greased up for improving the smoothness in the development.

Types of casters:

It comprises of two categories:

1) Swivel caster:-

It allows movement in multiple directions. They can have maybe a couple sets of raceways that enable the caster to swivel 360 degrees under a heap. As a result of their positive caster edge, the time when the wheel contacts the floor trails behind the guiding pivot, keeping the wheel situated toward movement.

2) Rigid caster:-

It only allows forward and backward movement. This is stronger than swivel casters. Rigid Casters are rated at the same capacity as swivel casters for safety reasons. It can be a one piece construction or a two piece construction that is welded.

Besides Castor Wheels Chandigarh, Mittal Hardware Store offers various other products such as Sliding Gate Wheels, U groove gate wheels, V groove gate wheels and various other tools at affordable price.

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Castor Wheels Chandigarh

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